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We wanted to offer better services for our customers with options for printing, copying, scanning and faxing...

Pošta Slovenije Boosts Business with New Mobile Printing Service

Pošta Slovenije, needed to optimize its over-sized and outdated printer fleet and also wanted to expand its customer offering by launching a print-as-you-go service for the public. Both these aims have been achieved with HP PageWide multi-function devices and HP’s third-party ePRINTit cloud-based print solution.

Implementing a new print environment for external use is the foundation for a new dimension of customer service – it’s even more important to get it right. Pošta Slovenije had two reasons to refresh its printer fleet and improve their print management. Their oversized and outdated multi-vendor printer fleet was proving difficult and expensive to manage, and in
need of an optimize the landscape.

Pošta Slovenije also wanted to launch a new print-on-the-go service for external customers. The cloud printing service allows the public to print their documents, either using a mobile app, a desktop computer, or via email. Customers can then collect the finished print jobs at any of the country’s post offices. Other services also include copy, scan and fax.

“We saw a market opportunity to offer better services which would increase the number of people visiting our post offices and encourage them to buy other services. We also wanted to optimize the fleet for use by our own internal staff,” says Igor Unger, head of IT business model development at Pošta Slovenije.

The Solution

For print-on-the-go services, Pošta Slovenije chose HP’s third party offering, ePRINTit, a mobile printing solution suite that provides geo-located and branded services for public printing worldwide.  ePRINTit is enabled on most of the HP suite of printers. Consumers get a cloud-based service that employs end-to-end encryption and is available virtually anywhere.

This solution helps bridge the gap between mobile devices and networked printers, enabling mobile travelers to stay connected wherever they may be. Users select the file they want to print and the print job is then encrypted, processed and sent to a supported HP OXP-enabled printer. The job is printed when the user enters a release code at the device. Printers located in the Slovenian post offices are used both for the print-as-you-go service and by internal employees for normal business print.


The Benefits

The print-as-you-go service has only just been launched it’s expected that many thousands of pages will be printed by the public.
“It has been a very successful project… and we see the volumes of print from our customers increasing in the future. Also, we foresee that these new services will bring more visitors to the post offices so we can offer them other services and grow the business.”

“It was very important for the business that we optimized our print devices and established better print management to achieve cost savings for internal purposes,” concludes Unger. “We also wanted to offer better services for our customers with options for printing, copying, scanning and faxing.”

“Document security is also improved because customers using mobile apps, for example, get a unique identification number which they use in the post office to initiate and pick up their prints,” he added.