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Public Printing Service Installed on Kiosk Station

Rely on our fully managed Kiosk Station as the quintessential stand-alone solution for high traffic areas that want to remain hands-off. It’s ideal for locations that need to be accessible 24/7, such as copy shops, libraries, education institutions, large dormitories, hotels, airport waiting areas and more. We brand, install, monitor and support all Kiosk solutions.

Recognized as a global leader for our development of Public Printing Solutions, ePRINTit™ is revolutionizing the way customers live, work and play on-the-go™. Join our solution and change the way people print in a shared economy, all the while leveraging your brand and revenue opportunities.


Product Information

Custom designed and built printing kiosk software for education and retail using cloud-based mobile public printing service and Payment Services Software and monthly cloud document processing service.

Print 6 different ways with the ePRINTit™ Public Printing Kiosk. Send almost any document from almost any device using email, memory sticks, ePRINTit™ Mobile, ePRINTit™ Desktop Apps, URL File upload, drag and drop into the online web public portal or private client portal. Input private Pin, Preview, Pay, Print. Service also has its own ePRINTit™ Mobile App’s and mobile Wallet integration with full Admin supported Mobile Applications.

Additional Software applications are made available to the user such as an APP for downloadable forms or content. Directions and city maps, internal way finding maps and coupons, as well as, government forms, entire textbooks or work assignments by professors can be pre-loaded and ordered up by customers.

Touchscreens or all-in-one Computers Attached to any Printer
Key Benefits:

  • Pin release, enterprise-grade security, 256-bit SHA2 encryption technology
  • Eliminates driver management – drivers are managed in the cloud
  • Scalable solution designed to allow for growth as usage increases
  • Authentication – LDAP/AD user authentication
  • Print management – integrates with your current print systems
  • Users can use any Desktop, laptop or mobile Smartphone
  • Users have full reporting capabilities in their account
  • Reduce paper and toner waste by limits to prevent large documents from being printed
  • Print to the school or a public print location from anywhere
  • The entire system is branded for the client including the web portals for account management
  • All computers and printers must have Wi-Fi connections and reliable access to the Internet.

New capabilities in self-service

Cloud-based printing sent to ePRINTit™ Kiosks enables seamless mobile transactions that are independent, fast, easy and accessible 24/7. Create a marketplace and connect people who need to print with pay for print or account managed print.

Adaptable for all service areas and businesses

Ideal for print and copy shops, libraries, education institutions, large dormitories, hospitality, hotels, business centers, convention centers, airport lounges, Internet shops and retail.

Turnkey solution

ePRINTit™ brands, installs, monitors and supports all Kiosk solutions. All Kiosk printers and payment modules are available in various configurations and the stand-alone print solution includes complete service support, remote service and monitoring, and leasing options.

Easy for people to discover and use

Your business location will be geolocated and branded for your company on ePRINTit™ Mobile and desktop solutions (so customers looking for a place to print can find convenient locations around the world.

An Omni-Channel solution for your business

To further leverage your brand, ePRINTit™ will customize your Kiosk body and touch screens with online flyers, today’s specials, in-store couponing and promotions. Businesses can also integrate their loyalty programs (event promotions, tickets) and loyalty services (status, redemption) with the solution.

Cater to your customers and optimize their experience

Customers select content from almost any device and the print job is then encrypted, processed and sent to a supported Kiosk printer. The stand-alone Kiosk solution is monitored by ePRINTit 24/7. With a plug and play setup, the system is connected wirelessly with virtually no IT support required.


Get the ePRINTit Enterprise Mobile APP

Check out the all-new ePRINTit™ Mobile app for Enterprise & Educational Institutions. This app allows users to create their own accounts and is specifically for enterprise and educational institutions where authenticated user printing is required.

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